Catalogue of


Willi Raabe’s


Art Work of his Life



Afrika  - Ostrich Chicken  Afrika - Landscape  Berlin - Allee am Wannsee  Boy Picture  Berlin - Café Kranzler  Capri - Cliffs  Capri  Der Raabe  The Pheasant  Flamingos  Fox  Galaxy 

Money_Changer  Draft Money Changer  Bell Flowers  Illmitz - UP Flying Heron  Illmitz - Little Hell  Illmitz - Puszta Hut with Well  Illmitz – Puszta Hut  Illmitz – Reed Landscape

Illmitz – Sundown Reed  Japanese Quinces  Poppy  Little Heron  Little Bird  Dragonfly  Work Accident  Factory Workers  Heron in the Reed  Revolutionaries 

Luebars in Autumn  Luebars in Winter  Poppy (lacquer multilayer technology )  Phantasy 01  Phantasy 02  Phantasy 03  Phantasy Flower 01  Phantasy Flower 02  Phantasy Flowers

 Heron Lacque  Heron Upflying Lacque  Silver Heron  Portrait Willi Raabe  Sunflowers (Watercolours)  Sundown (Lacque)  Sylt - Dunes  Sylt - Beach  Vulcano Dance  Dance of the Death

Bird Group  Pair of Birds  Draft Bible Scenes  Draft Stage Set  Draft Stage Set 1  Draft Bath Mosaic  Draft Bath Mosaic 1  Draft Bath Mosaic 2  Draft Harlequin Pattern  Draft Harlequin Pattern 1


© Reinhard Ahlert 2006





















Afrika – Ostrich Chicken   Home

































Afrika – Landscape   Home





































Berlin – Allee am Wannsee  Home






























Portrait of a boy   Home
































Berlin – Café Kranzler   Home


































Capri – Klippen   Home





























Capri   Home











































The „“Raabe“ – The Raven    Home





































The Pheasant   Home



































Flamingos    Home















Fox    Home











Galaxy    Home












Money Exchanger (lacquer multilayer technology)    Home
























Drafts Money Exchanger    Home

































Bell Flowers    Home
































Illmitz – Up Flying Heron    Home











Illmitz – Little Hell    Home












Illmitz – Puszta Hut with Well    Home












Illmitz – Puszta Hut     Home

































Illmitz – Reed Landscape    Home












Illmitz – Sundown in the Reed    Home












Japanese Quinces   Home













Poppy    Home


































Little Heron    Home













Little Bird      Home











Dragonfly    Home













Linoprint – Work Accident    Home












Linoprint – Factory Workers    Home
































Linoprint – Heron in the Reed    Home





































Linoprint – Revolutionaries    Home















Luebars in Autumn    Home


































Luebars in Winter    Home











Poppy (lacquer multilayer technology)     Home






























Phantasy 01    Home













Phantasy 02    Home


































Phantasy 03    Home













Phantasy Flower 01     Home













Phantasy Flower 02   Home













Phantasy Flowers    Home













Heron (Lacque)     Home













Heron Up Flying (Lacque)    Home













Silver Heron    Home












Self Portrait Willi Raabe    Home













Sunflowers (Watercolours)    Home














Sundown (Lacque)    Home














Sylt – Dunes    Home













Sylt – Beach     Home














Dance on the Vulcano     Home















Dance of the Death     Home













Bird Group    Home













Pair of Birds    Home













Draft Bible Scenes     Home















Draft Stage Set    Home

























Draft Stage Set 1     Home























Draft Swimming Pool Mosaic    Home






















Draft Swimming Pool Mosaic 1     Home






















Draft Swimming Pool Mosaic 2      Home



















Draft Harlequin Pattern      Home














Draft Harlequin Pattern  1     Home